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Life expectancy on some Native American reservations is the lowest anywhere in the Western hemisphere outside of Haiti while infant mortality rates, poverty rates, rates of alcoholism, incidence of diabetes, and incidence of domestic violence are, on average, higher than any group in the US and in many developing countries.  Despite these disturbing statistics, most Americans are entirely unaware of the complex issues that these communities face.

Native Silence is a collection of the stories of Joyce and Paulette, and their daughters, Amy and Dawn. The lives of these Native American women reflect so many of the unrecognized problems these communities face. Raised within defective foster care and boarding school systems which functioned to isolate and erase Native American identity, these women continue to struggle with their past as they push ahead on the path to self-determination. Their hopeful outlook and efforts to reclaim their spirituality and identity as Native Women inspired this film.

Documenting the historical trauma, the drugs, the alcoholism, the familial estrangement, and the sexual violence that dominates the lives of America’s forgotten native population, Native Silence sheds light on problems that have plagued Native American communities for decades.

Who We Are

We are 3 Generations, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps survivors of genocide, trafficking and war tell their stories to the world.  Inspired by her father, Sidney Bernstein, and his life-long efforts to get the British government to release his films documenting the Holocaust, our director Jane Wells has made it her mission to record the voices of victims of human rights abuses.

Since our founding in 2008, 3 Generations has collected numerous stories of genocide, trafficking, and war from around the world. In 2011 3 Generations produced “I’m a Victim, Not a Criminal,” which focused on child sex slavery in America. In 2012 we delved further into the issue of trafficking, producing the film “Lost Hope,” which centered around child sex trafficking in a Minnesotan Native American tribe. Within the same year, 3 Generations helped produce “Right There,” a short film focused on a group of PS 234 graduates who returned to discuss and commemorate 9/11. All three films were widely circulated largely due to the contributions of our generous donors. As we put together our current film, “Native Silence,“ we must continue to reach out to the larger community for support.

Help Us Tell Their Stories

The film is almost finished, but we need additional funds for editing, post-production, and music. See how your donation can help:

$25- Allows us to transcribe one interview with one survivor.

$50- Helps us identify and contact Native Americans who survived foster care and boarding schools.

$75-Allows us to apply to one film festival to help get the film picked up for distribution.

$100- Helps us update our video equipment and improve the visual quality of our interviews.

$150- Provides one hour of professional editing of the film.

$500- Helps us raise awareness about the problem by posting a curated video interview with a survivor on our website.

$1000- Enables 3G to produce and edit 1 video interview with a Native survivor.

$1500- Allows our team to film for one day with a survivor raised in the foster care system and boarding schools for Native Americans.

$3500- Enables 3G to produce a 5-minute short film on the subject for education outreach.

The Impact

We want this project to be seen by more than just a few people online. Schools and universities in the US are in need of curricula that can teach students about America's native population, and the social issues they face. Funding will go towards film festival submissions upon completion of the film as well as distribution following the film’s release.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are like us, the story of our Native communities is overwhelming.  But raising awareness about this film is something simple that will make a big impact. If you cannot contribute to the film financially, please make people in YOUR community aware of the film and the project. Share on Facebook, Twitter, and with your family and friends. We want the voices of Joyce, Amy, Dawn and Paulette to be heard.


Thank you for your support!







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